The first ever landing on Coulman Island was effected by Louis Bernacchi and William Colbeck ("The Commander" as Louis called him) in early February 1904. They stayed only twenty minutes, long enough to determine the futility of taking magnetic measurements at the base of a large basalt cliff. They came away with some photographs however to record the vista. It is around 1,000' in height and is mostly enveloped in ice and snow. It is in the Ross Sea, only about 14 miles from the coast of Victoria Land.

Below is a 1999 photo of the USCG Polar Sea cutting through the sea ice of McMurdo sound. The Prince Albert Mountain range is to the west of Ross Island. A.B (Bert) Armitage found a path through these mountains to discover the Polar Plateau at around 9,000' in 1902.

This is a view of Mount Murchison about 60 miles inland from the Ross Sea. The total lack of dust or moisture in the atmosphere of the Antarctic means that it is possible to see objects up to 300 miles away.

Below is a vista across Robertson Bay from Cape Adare. This is the scene that Bernacchi would have become accustomed to during his work Borchgrevink's Southern Cross expedition.

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