Here are a couple of images of the boat I constructed in 2002. It is (very) roughly based on a small workboat used at Heard Island during the late 1940's when ANARE established a year-round presence. It is about 20 feet long and powered by a classic (early 1960's) "British Seagull" outboard. "Seagulls" are single cylinder two-stroke outboards that have very few moving parts. They were built to the same basic design for around half a decade. They are the world's most efficient means of converting two stroke oil into smoke.



I love the thrill of the exposed flywheel on top and the bite of the spark voltage when you reach over to close the fuel tap. They don't make technology like that any more! Nimrod (Named after Shackleton's vessel) is a great picnic boat for use on Port Jackson (also known as Sydney Harbour). It is moored in Tarban Creek adjacent to the Parramatta river.


Scroll down to view the new deck, the result of a few late nights in the shed this last winter.

This small beach in Tarban Creek is just right for hauling the boat up for a day's varnishing and cleaning.

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