Scroll Down to see a selection of modern Icebreakers in Sydney Harbour and Points further South.

The Japanese Icebreaker "Shirase" which visited Sydney during the Austral Autumns of 2000 and 2001. This craft towed Aurora Australis out of the ice when Aurora "lost propulsion" during the austral summer of 1998/1999. It also provided assistance to ANARE when it hauled Nella Dan during a similar incident in December 1985 near Mawson. This is probably the largest non nuclear icebreaker in current use.

This is the USCG Polar Sea berthed at Woolloomooloo during its December 2000 visit to Sydney en route for McMurdo Sound via Hobart. The sister ship USCG Polar Star has also visited Sydney. These ships are equipped with Gas Turbine power and can generate about 75000 horsepower when the demands of icebreaking warrant the heavy fuel use.

Here's an aerial view of the Kapitan Klebnikov in the Ross Sea during the austral summer of 1998/1999. Cruising on the "KK" is the best way to tour some of the best parts of Antarctica including some of the historic huts and research bases This vessel produces up to 24000 horsepower using diesel-electric drive through three shafts.

This ship is the Wyatt Earp photographed in 1936. She was a Norwegian herring fisher built in 1919 at Bolsones shipyard at Molde in Norway for work in ice, being sheathed in oak and with steel plating. She was only 45 metres in length and with a gross tonnage of 424. When photographed she was owned by Lincoln Ellsworth, an American who financed and took part in four expeditions of discovery using aircraft after 1933. The western hero Wyatt Earp inspired the name. This ship came into the Royal Australian Navy after WWII to provide for the first ANARE expeditions of the late 1940's. She was extensively refitted (including installation of a Crossley 450 hp, 8 cylinder engine) at Torrens Dock in Adelaide in 1947 (named Wongala at that stage) but was never really robust enough for Antarctic service. When comissioned she reverted to her previous name and became HMAS Wyatt Earp. She was sold out of the service to the Ulverstone Shipping Comapny and renamed Natone (after a hamlet near Ulverstone in Tasmania). She was heading for Port Moresby from Maryborough in January 1959 when she was lost on Rainbow beach. The remains can still be seen during very low tides. The following photo is from the 1947-48 ANARE (Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition) trip. Notice the wing of the Walrus amphibious aircraft protruding from the main deck.


The ship's clock was recently on display at the National Maritime Museum in Sydney.

Here's an image from the bridge of the Nella Dan. Note the "Ice" sector on the engine telegraph for extra power. Nella Dan was scuttled at Macquarie Island after being holed during resupply of the ANARE base on Christmas eve, 1987. (Photo by Jonathan Chester published in Australian Geographic, March 1987, p 92)

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