A Number of Historic Huts from the Heroic era of Antarctic exploration within the Ross Sea region are maintained by the Antarctic Heritage Trust. The name of each hut is derived from the name of the ship used on that expedition.


The best known is probably Scott's "Terra Nova" Hut at Cape Evans (1911 to 1913), from where the failed South Pole expedition departed. This photo shows the active volcano Mt Erebus dominating the landscapes of Ross Island.


Shackleton's Cape Royds hut, used during the 1907-1909 "Nimrod" expedition, also has a wealth of hardware, food and other belongings left behind when the Nimrod relieved the expedition. Notice the wheel from the vehicle which Shackleton attempted (unsuccessfully) to use for sledge hauling. Shackleton got to within 97 miles of the south Pole before turning back in the knowledge that there were insufficient supplies to sustain his party for the journey. He did however achieve the first ascent of Mt Erebus and a team from this expedition (Mawson, David and Mackay) reached the South Magnetic Pole.

At Cape Adare at the mouth of the Ross Sea (See Map) there is a group of huts from Borchgrevink's 1898-1900 "Southern Cross" expedition. This was the first party to overwinter on the Antarctic continent. The image above shows the context of the huts nestled below the towering cliffs and surrounded by the Adelie Penguin rookery that extends high up the hillside.



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